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Old Telegraph Track

Adventure to Cape York on the most iconic 4WD track. The Old Telegraph Track is full adventure, and will take you to the best spots in Cape York.

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The most iconic 4WD track in Cape York

The Old Telegraph Track was the original path for the Overland Telegraph Line. It used to be the only means of communication for those living on Cape York, and until 1986, was the only route to the Tip of Australia.

Real adventure, you are in the heart of it now

When the northern and southern bypass roads opened, maintenance on the Old Telegraph Tracks stopped. The Old Telegraph Tracks is now a must do 4 wheel drive track and has northern and southern sections. The road is 350km (217 miles) long. The track is generally narrow, with some sections being extremely rocky and eroded. It’s basically just what’s left of the original telegraph track that was used in the 1880s to connect Cairns with Thursday Island. Rough, real adventure.

Tour guide showcasing the Old Telegraph Track

4WD Adventure to Cape York.

The road passes through some beautiful country with several deep creek crossings and very steep and slippery river banks, with several patches of deep sand.

The track is fairly narrow, with plenty of turnouts for oncoming vehicles and you can still see old telegraph poles along the track. The surface varies from dirt and sand to rocky slopes, mud and washouts and there are a number of great creek crossings. It’s one of Australia's BEST 4WD tracks.

Proper preparation is essential to having a safe, enjoyable trop on this road. The Old Telegraph Track has its reputation because it is challenging! And this is the perfect reason to book with Far North Escapes on our Cape York Tour, as our experienced guides handle these challenges for you and our equipment is on the line... not yours!

The Old Telegraph Track will be a highlight of your trip.

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