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Iron Range National Park

If you're looking for a wild, off-the-beaten-track destination to explore, Iron Range National Park is the place for you!

Iron Range
Best National Park in Cape York
Chilli Beach
Must-do destination
Unique wildlife
Lowland Rainforest
60% of Australia's Butterflies

World Class Birdwatching

If you're looking for a wild, off-the-beaten-track destination to explore, Iron Range National Park is the place for you... Not only is it home to a number of rare and endemic species (including some found nowhere else on earth), but the park is also geologically fascinating. Its terrain is largely steep, rocky hills composed of iron-bearing sediments.

Kutini-Payamu - Iron Range National Park

Iron Range National Park is the best National Park in Cape York. North of Archer River on the eastern coast of Cape York is Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park, a remote coastal region that houses Australia’s largest remaining lowland rainforest that leads to lonely sweeping beaches...

Chilli Beach

Chilli Beach

The Park preserves the largest remaining area of lowland rainforest in Australia.

Surrounded by eucalypts and paperbarks, the rainforest is home to birds, such as the eclectus parrot, that are only found here or in similar habitats in Papua New Guinea. Other notable birds include the huge palm cockatoo and the rifle-bird. Sea birds, including white-bellied sea eagles and pied oyster catchers, can be seen on the waterfront at Chili Beach.

Whilst the Rainforests of Daintree National Park are lush and extensive, it doesn't have most of Cape York's unique plants and animals - here wildlife is second to none. Some of the best known ones are cuscus and green tree pythons. Both are best seen in darkness so bring a good spotlight!

The park represents one of the most diverse protected areas in Australia for butterflies, ants, ferns, orchids and palms. In fact, 60% of Australia's butterflies are found in Kutini-Payamu National Park. Making the area a popular tourist destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

The Aboriginal Traditional Owners of this area are the Kuuku Ya’u people (including the Kungkay people and Kanthanampu people). They ask that you respect and take care of their country when visiting.

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