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Thursday Island

Rich in Indigenous culture, history and natural beauty, spend a little time on Thursday Island and you’ll get to know a totally different side of Queensland.

Green Hill Fort History
Lookout Military
Sweeping Sea Views
Museum & Memorial
Japanese Pearl Diving
Guided indigenous Tour

Discover Thursday Island

This award winning indepth tour brings the island’s history to life!

Thursday Island Tour

Here, we meet with indigenous guides who's easy storytelling style, driven by pure passion for their island home will transport you into another time.  You will visit Green Hill Fort Lookout where the now silent 6″ breach loading guns jut out menacingly over the islands’ main approaches and from here we look south to the mainland, west to the pearl farm and north to the main shipping lane.  Be sure to have your cameras at the ready as the panoramic island views on this tour are nothing short of stunning. Green Hill Fort also houses a museum within the rooms and tunnels that once stored ammunition.  The themed displays include maritime, pearling, township and military history.

Japanese Pearl Divers

Japanese Pearl Divers Memorial.

Disembark at the Japanese Pearl Divers Memorial located at T.I. cemetery on the northern side of the island to learn of the extraordinary and far reaching impact the pearling industry had in Torres Strait.

Another important part of this stop is the monument commemorating Bernard Namok  Senior who designed the Torres Strait Island Flag. The monument was unveiled on the flag’s 22nd anniversary, a memorial was unveiled at Thursday Island Cemetery.

Torres Strait’s most experienced local indigenous guides comprehensive commentary includes important aspect of the maritime, cultural and military history that has shaped the region.

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