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Tip of Australia "Cape York"

The Tip of Australia is a very special place. It is a beautiful place on the northernmost tip of a rocky headland, a walk away.

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Northernmost Tip of Australia
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Scenic Cape York Helicopter Flight
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Heli included for all premium tours in '23

Visit the Tip of Australia at Cape York

Your journey to the Tip of Australia will truly be an amazing once in a life time experience.

A bucket-list MOMENT

It is absolutely thrilling to reach Pajinka - the traditional name for what has become affectionately known as "The Tip". It is a beautiful place, sacred to many, with the northernmost tip of rocky headland and stunning views over the emerald blue ocean sweeping out to Yorke and Eborac Islands...

Tip of Australia at Cape York

Cape York Signpost.

There is the iconic sign on the headland, and when touring with Far North Escapes you will have plenty of time at The Tip to celebrate and take your souvenir snaps.

The walk from the carpark to the sign is on uneven ground, however it is only a short walk and incredibly rewarding... After the morning trek to Pajinka, you will spend the afternoon enjoying an exhilarating celebratory Cape York Helicopter Flight over the headland, our treat. (*on all Premium departures in 2023). What a way to celebrate! 

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