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Lakefield National Park

Eycalypt Woodland - a Forest like no other in the Cape York Peninsula

Eucalypt Woodland
Lakefield National Park
Diverse landscape
Spectacular Wetlands
Second largest National Park in QLD
Sweeping grasslands
Coastal estuaries
Golden sandstone hills

Lakefield National Park

Eycalypt Woodland - a Forest like no other in the Cape York Peninsula.

Sweeping Grasslands, Coastal Estuaries, Eucalypt Woodland and Spectacular Wetlands

“Rinyirru”, Lakefield National Park – the largest National Park on the Peninsula, and the second largest (after Simpson Desert) in Queensland. Unlike many other places in Cape York, this National Park is not Rainforest, rather Eucalypt Woodland – and home to a diverse range of Wildlife and contrasting landscapes.

Unique Flora and Fauna

In the north grasslands and woodlands, wetlands, coastal estuaries, mangroves and mudflats are prominent. In the south, sandstone hills and escarpments dominate the landscape. Highlights of this unique National Park include Catfish Waterhole, Horseshoe Lagoon, Kalpowar Crossing, Lake Emma, Nilfold Plain, and White and Red Lilly Lagoons - stunning in bloom.

The Aboriginal Traditional Owners—the Lama Lama and Kuku Thaypan peoples, the Bagaarrmugu, Mbarimakarranma, Muunydyiwarra, Magarrmagarrwarra, Balnggarrwarra and Gunduurwarra clans and related families—welcome you to their country.

They ask that you respect their special place. Always was, always will be.

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