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Bloomfield Falls

Take a sacred, authentic guided Indigenous experience with the Walker Family of the Kuku Yalanji people to Wujal Wujal Falls.

Sacred Wujal Wujal falls
Guided Indigenous experience
Also known as Bloomfield Falls or "Roaring Meg"
The Walker family
Kuku Yalanji
Traditional history dating back 50,000 years
Beauty of Bloomfield
4WD Bloomfield Track
Culture, history, stunning landscape

A sacred, authentic Indigenous experience

Learn about the amazing natural features of this World Heritage area through the eyes of the Kuku Yalanji traditional owners who have lived here for tens of thousands of years. The Walker Family will share some of their knowledge about this special place which is of great cultural significance to the Yalanji people.

The Walkers and Wujal Wujal Falls

The Walker Family are members of the Kuku Yalanji, the indigenous inhabitants of the land that have a history dating back 50,000 years to the earliest human occupation of Australia. They have an authentic connection to nature, living in complete harmony with the environment. It is apart of them, and they are apart of it. Their traditional country extends from south of Mossman to Cooktown in the North, and Palmer River in the West. The Walkers have a deep respect for nature and an intimate knowledge of its cycles, and this sacred knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. Their stunning lands are apart of the World Heritage Rainforest area, and encompass Bloomfield Falls, after which Wujal Wujal township is named.

Wujal Wujal Falls (Bloomfield Falls)

The Walker Sisters

The Walkers take you on an stroll through the Bush, where you have the opportunity to learn about the Traditional Custodians of the area, and gain insight into the history and cultural significance of this sacred place.

You will be treated to first hand knowledge of the many difference uses of plant species for food, sacred ceremonies and medicine. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and take photos of the stunning Wujal Wujal Falls.

This is a short walk with some sections on uneven ground, approximately 400m in length.

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