Mount Sorrow Full Day Walk - Private Charter

Mount Sorrow, located near CapeTribulation, offers a challenging but rewarding walking track for natureenthusiasts. Regarded as a moderately difficult hike, a good level of fitnessis required to make the trek, due to the sometimes steep and rugged terrain. Alongthe way, our guide will keep you on track, pointing out the diverse range ofplant species, including towering trees, vibrant ferns and unique epiphytesclinging to the branches above. Keep an eye out for colourful birds and othernative wildlife along the way! The highlight of your tour is reaching MountSorrow’s summit. From your vantage point, you’ll be rewarded with panoramicviews of the coastline. Take your time to marvel at the turquoise waters of theCoral Sea, the Great Barrier Reef and vast expanse of the Daintree Rainforest.


You’ll meet your guide at the start of the walking track, 150m past the Kulki day-use area. After a short introduction to the area and safety debrief, you’ll start your 7km round trip to the Mount Sorrow summit – 680m above sea level. Along the steep and winding track, you’ll find several kinds of trees exhibiting cauliflory, producing flower buds and fruit from their trunks, roots and main branches. Don’t forget to look up and see the epiphytes in the forest canopy and look for the large white flowers of the Ryparosa kurrangii, a plant uniquely found in this area between Cape Tribulation and the Daintree River. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to sight colourful native birds and other wildlife along the way. The track narrows with some adventurous climbs to reach the upland rainforest. Here you’ll see the prominent cycads, primitive club moss and layers of small fern-like fronds seen in patches covering the forest floor. Along the base of the steep mountain ridge, you’ll also notice the vegetation has become stunted due to the natural wind-shearing. The final portion of your hike passes through open forest, dominated by acacias. The goal of your hike, Mount Sorrow lookout, is now within reach – giving spectacular views encompassing the Daintree coastline, Cape Tribulation township, Snapper Island and the shadows of infringing reefs along the coastline on a clear day. Keep an eye out for butterflies drifting in the high elevation wind and birds like the Sprangled Drongo and Topknot Pigeon as they soar past the lookout platform. Once you’ve taken in the sights and had your fill of nature photography, we’ll have a break to enjoy some lunch surrounded by the beautiful natural views. The trek back will follow the same path, now heading down hill. Now is the perfect opportunity to view the rainforest in the afternoon light, bringing out Boyd’s Forest Dragons perched on trees quite close to the trail. Listen out for wildlife that could be present in the rainforest, and you might just be lucky enough to see other reptiles, insects or even the elusive Tree Kangaroo as you descend back through the rainforest. Depending on fitness levels, sightseeing and rest stops, expect to spend approximately 6 hours getting to and from the mountain summit. Please wear appropriate hiking gear and shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses. Whilst lunch and light refreshments will be supplied, please bring your own water bottle and other snacks you’d like for along the trail. Please be mindful of the environment and take all rubbish and belongings back with you.

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