Dubuji Boardwalk Day Walk - Private Charter

The Dubuji Boardwalk, located in Cape Tribulation, is an elevated man-made boardwalk that winds through the coastal levels of the Daintree Rainforest. This accessible to all, guided walking tour will take you through mangroves and towering ancient trees existing side by side, enveloping you in the sounds and sights of the rainforest. Ferns and other various native plant species create a captivating landscape, showcasing the incredibly diverse flora and fauna unique to the area. An excellent area for wildlife spotting, keep a lookout for various bird species, butterflies and other small creatures that call the Daintree Rainforest home. As you walk over the clear waters amongst the mangroves, spot small estuary fish and other marine wildlife hidden away. You’ll learn about the rainforest’s ecological importance, history and ongoing conservation efforts being made, enhancing your understanding of the area and enriching your experience.


Morning or afternoon departures are available upon request. Meet our guide at the Ferntree Rainforest Lodge reception, who will then take you on a short walk down to the beginning of the Dubuji (meaning ‘place of spirits’) Boardwalk, a well-maintained wooden pathway winding through the ancient Daintree Rainforest. As you step onto the boardwalk, you’ll be enveloped by the vibrant sounds and sights of the rainforest. Remember to respect the delicate ecosystem by staying on the designated paths and avoid touching or disturbing any wildlife you might be lucky enough to encounter. Our local guide will point out unique plant species and teach you techniques to help you spot illusive insects and wildlife as you meander along. Take a leisurely pace along the 1.2km loop and learn from your guide the local history and importance of this amazing ecosystem. You’ll traverse through lowland rainforest and swampy mangroves, witnessing the lush greenery intertwined with intriguing fungi and shallow waterways, providing a truly unique landscape. Remember to bring your camera to capture memorable moments along your walk. You’ll also notice educational signage along the boardwalk, detailing unique characteristics of the rainforest's plants, animals and ecological significance, enhancing information provided by your guide. Whilst not guaranteed, you might also catch a glimpse of the elusive Cassowary, native to the region. Allow approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to fully immerse yourself in the experience and wear suitable walking shoes, with the option to visit Myall Beach at the conclusion of your tour.

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